The story of Ulele (original song)

Hey Florida peops and history buffs out there! Did you know Florida has its own Pocahontas story? It's the story of Ulele. In fact, some historians believe John Smith may have borrowed the story of Ulele (which unfolded nearly 100 years before) to come up with his own Pocahontas story.

I did not set out to write a song about Ulele. Actually, I didn't know anything about Ulele until I started writing this song. I had a guitar riff going around in my head that had a flamenco flair to it. I had pieces of lyrics coming to me... I had a line about a conquistador. I had a line about a ship. I had the verse, "in the search for absolution, a chance to recompense," which I knew had to do with Catholicism. And most important of all, I had "Ulele." I thought maybe something from history was trying to come to me, so I decided to google the pieces of the story I had and that's how I learned all about Ulele. After I read her story, the rest of the lyrics pretty much filled themselves right in. It was very exciting for me, and now I'm very excited for you to learn about her, too.