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I asked my Danish family for lullaby suggestions a while back, and among their suggestions was "Den Lille Ole Med Paraplyen," a very popular, traditional Danish lullaby for children of all ages.

From the moment I heard this song, I fell in love with the story and the melody and couldn't wait to do my own rendition of it. I never would have imagined I would make a video for it, but when the vision for how to create it came to me, I was determined to make it happen, and thanks to the help of my children, we did just that. Creating this video was the most fun I've had with music in a very long time, and having my kids involved in the process made it that much more special to me. I am so pleased with what we have created and so very excited to share it with all of you.

For those that don't understand Danish, the basic story is this: Ole is a very special little boy known by every little boy and girl in town. He helps them go to sleep using his magical umbrella which he spreads to give them sweet dreams about fairy tales, angels, and fairies (that's where my idea for all the charms comes in). (The closest thing we have to Ole in English is The Sandman, but Ole is a little boy.) My mom translated the song for me, so you can get a sense of what is going on in the story.



Den lille Ole med paraplyen,

han kender alle småfolk i byen,

hver lille pige, hver lille dreng,

som sover sødt i sin lille seng.

Så vil han ud paraplyen brede

og uskylds hygge om lejet sprede,

da vil i drømme den lille fyr

fortælle dejlige eventyr.

Han vil fortælle om stjerner klare,

og om den dejlige engleskare,

og om den yndige lille fe,

som alle børn vil så gerne se.

Og har om dagen de artig' været,

og kærlig fader og moder æret,

da kan så glade til sengs de gå,

og drømme smukt om Guds engle små.

Og når om morgenen solen skinner,

da vågner de med små røde kinder,

og takke Gud for, hvad de har drømt,

og kysse fader og moder ømt.

Tekst: Peter Lemche, 1873

Melodi: Ole Jacobsen, 1873



The little Ole with his umbrella

He knows all the little children in town

Every little girl and little boy

Who sleeps sweetly in their little bed

And then he opens his umbrella

And spreads coziness in its presence

So kids will dream from this little fellow

Who brings them sweet fairytales

He will tell of stars so bright

And the presence of angels

And tell about the wonderful little fairy

That all the children so want to see

And if they have been well behaved during the day

And lovingly honored mother and father

They will happily go to bed

And dream beautifully of God’s small angels

And in the morning when the sun is shining

They all was with rosy cheeks

And thank God for what they have dreamt

And tenderly kiss mother and father