Commissioned instrumental rock piece

My kids helped me introduce the track. :)


This is the acoustic track I recorded and sent to Alex and Brandon.

This is the finished version with Alex Wolfe Parnes on drums, Brandon Ruck on lead guitar, Chris on bass, and me on rhythm guitar, piano, and cello.

In 2016, I was commissioned to write an instrumental rock piece for the play "Wonder Company" which made its debut at Dixon Place in New York City in November, 2016. We got together with our bandmates Alex Wolfe Parnes and Brandon Ruck one afternoon to record the piece. We'd never played it together before, but recorded 3 takes live in under 1/2 hour, then chose our favorite of the 3 takes. I laid down the cello and piano during another session.

Alex Wolfe Parnes - percussion
Brandon Ruck - lead guitar
Chris - sound engineering and bass
Sheila - rhythm guitar, cello, piano
"Wonder Company" was written by Suzanne Willett