If These Stones Could Speak

An acoustic version of the title track from my band's new album, "If These Stones Could Speak," by Sheila and the TSP.

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Seated softly toward the moonlight
As thousands of years have passed me by
Nobody's listening
Nobody's listening
"Leave no stone unturned"

The stories I'd tell
The secrets I've held
The laughter, the sadness
The journies through madness
All the times when love won
Leave no stone unturned

If these stones could speak
What would they reveal?
The stories of a lifetime
The blood and the steel
The wisdom of the ages
Will we ever learn
To leave no stone unturned?

Carved out of mountain
Carried for miles across this land
The chisel strikes
The hammer comes down
The pieces fall away

History repeated
Over and over
You people never learn
The bullets fly
The people fall down
The pieces fly apart


Time is a river washing over me
That carries the stories
away with every grain of me

There's beauty in the silence
The echo of life across the wind
The ancient voices whispering softly
Through these grains of sand


Copyright © 2011 Sheila.