Forever We Shall Be

I like to write celtic-style songs from time to time. This is an original called "Forever We Shall Be." I added a little reverb to the audio track because I think it adds a little depth to this particular song. You can download this song off of iTunes when you buy the full album, "Perspectives." Unfortunately, iTunes chose to not make the 15th track on Perspectives ("Glorious") available by itself (I have no idea why). "Forever We Shall Be" is a hidden track right at the end of the song "Glorious," thus the track is 11:49 long. The version on the album is done only with vocals -- no accompanying guitar -- kinda old-baroque style with many harmonies. This video of "Forever We Shall Be" is performed as I originally composed it.

(hidden track in track 15 "Glorious" on Perspectives)

My love, walk with me
Through the fields, and forever we shall be

In the field stands a tiny flower
Fervently in bloom
And though it tries to unfold toward the sky
Its time has not yet come
Oh, oh, oh-oh, and the sun goes down

The moon shines bright on its puerile leaves
The stars have lost their way
And in the cold of this darkened night
It patiently awaits
Oh, oh, oh-oh, for a new day to come

My love, walk with me
Through the fields, and forever we shall be

Another day, just the same as before
But something soon will change
One by one, its pedals unfold
And two will come to see
Oh, oh, oh-oh, two young lovers will come to see

Kneeling down to find the perfect flower
And only one will do
And when his eyes fall upon this new bloom
He plucks it from the earth
Marry me, my love
And forever we shall be

My love
Forever we shall be

Now as the life slowly drains from its stem
Its purpose now complete
Its pedals glow with resounding joy
Like nothing ever seen
Oh, oh, oh-oh, in its dying meets destiny

My love, forever we shall be

Words and Music by Sheila .
Copyright © 2005 Sheila.